My Goals for 2016

Yes, I know I’m a little behind (actually more like WAY behind) in making goals and resolutions for 2016, but hey, better late than never right?! Here are just some of my many goals for this year!

1. Delve into blogging (and make this little spot on the internet AMAZING).

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have started this blog! Honestly I get up in the morning so excited to research, write, work on the site, and see what my followers are up to! This may come as a surprise, but I seriously am so new to the blogging community. (Like, so new I really didn’t even know what a blog was until 6 months ago!) I’m beginning from 100% scratch. Let’s just say that Pinterest is my best friend right now in learning everything related to this new endeavor of mine.



2. Do a total makeover of our living room.

With our first home purchase under our belt, now its time for revamping and remodeling the house. Right now the living room is the main focus: priming old wood paneling (goodbye outdated look), painting, tearing out faded brown carpet and putting down new carpet, adding trim, and installing a new fan and canned lighting. Our goal is to have it finished by the end of May! I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to having the living room done. Its a south-facing room with big windows, so its always the brightest and warmest room in the house! Perfect for curling up with a book and cup of coffee! (This picture was taken before we moved in and although we’ve done all the priming already, this gives you an idea of what it looked like when we started.)

Living Room Project


3. Begin to practice Hospitality a lot more.

Inviting people into our home is always a joy and blessing, but I must confess that I have been hesitant to have people over lately. Since our house needs so much work and furniture is lacking I almost feel I should wait till the house is more set up and welcoming before saying “hey, come on over!”. But knowing how house projects go (and don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about!) that might be years! So instead of focusing on the lack of a ‘perfect’ house, I’m going to start putting the priority on others and their needs. I would prefer guests leave my home feeling refreshed, not impressed.



4. Journal

This one always seems to be popping up on my ‘to do’ list. Although memories are treasures to me, I seem to find it hard to be consistent in my entries. Like, one year I made it a goal to journal three times a week and you can guess what happened… “Dear Diary, so yeah. A lot has happened in six months. Where to begin…” Because my complete lack of diligence in consistent entries, I’ve found another way to remember happenings that suits me quite well and that is filling up the blocks of my calendar. I can write down the days happenings as well as a few important details that I want to remember. I would really love to do more than this though, mostly because so many fun and memorable little things seem to happen in the first few years of marriage and I want to remember this wonderful time in our lives for years to come. If you have an journaling tips or ideas for me, I would absolutely love to hear them!



5. Create a fantastic Vegetable garden.

I’ll admit that although I helped with garden work growing up, I never really paid much attention to the details and techniques. Now that I’m beginning to plan my own garden I wish I would have been more in-tune to the things my green-thumb parents did to make the family vegetable garden flourish. (Needless to say I will be asking them for advice quite a bit this garden season!) To learn as much as possible before the ground thaws, I’ve ordered some extremely helpful books from Amazon, with my favorite being Barbra Damrosch’s book The Garden Primer. (It is already pretty highlighted from my reading!) The one vegetable I would really like to grow a lot of is tomatoes. So many of my favorite recipes call for diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, whole tomatoes! Being able to use my home-grown tomatoes would be such fun (and a money-saver)! Tomato advice/tips are welcome! 🙂



6. Take day trips and explore!

Ah, I LOVE road trips! Seriously just packing the car fills me with a sense of adventure (yes, even if the trip is only a couple hours)! The only thing that prevents us from traveling during the summer, besides the money factor, is of course work. It gets so busy during the summer season! So my goal is to take day trips every once in a while to go hiking, swimming, visit museums, or go to a fair or event. And when we don’t want to drive far, well we just happen to live close to a beautiful river perfect for swimming and picnics! (A huge blessing included in moving to our new location!) Haha, can you tell I’m extremely excited for summer?!

Day trips and exploring


7. Spend more time studying God’s Word.

This is by far the most important goal I could ever have. When I don’t spend time tuning my heart and mind into God’s Word I run on empty. Sometimes I get stuck in the rut of reading my Bible so I can “check it off the list” for the day, but soon this becomes a chore and then I stop reading daily. It takes effort to truly understand that it is SO much more than that. It is a love letter from the One who died for me.  I love this quote from Fellowship with Christ:

“Don’t try to be like Him, just look at Him. Just be occupied with Him. Forget about trying to be like Him. Instead of letting that fill your mind and heart, let Him fill it. Come to the Word for one purpose and that is to meet the Lord. Not to get your mind full of things about the sacred Word, but come to meet the Lord.”

Study God's Word



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