My Full-Coverage Winter Makeup Routine

One of the challenges of living up north, where winters are sometimes brutal and extremely frigid, is figuring out how to make your makeup last. I know the frustration of having a red blotchy face after only a few minutes out in the cold. Ever since I began wearing makeup, my goal was to find a way to make it withstand a day in the cold and still look great. Well it took me like, 3 years, but I think I finally found a full coverage makeup routine that stays! Here is my routine:

My Full Coverage Makeup Routine

Just so you know, I am no makeup artist and don’t claim to be an expert. I guess you would call me self-taught (or Pinterest taught, haha). And there is so much I have yet to learn.

Please forgive the poor lighting and photos as this is my first time taking pictures while doing my makeup and it’s so much HARDER than it looks! I have a ton to learn from the beauty bloggers who do it so perfectly! (FYI, all these photos are untouched and unedited.)

(As I was looking back through the pictures it dawned on me that some of you would be thrown off my my cut-off finger! Please DON’T FREAK OUT! I’ll have to share the story sometime! 😉 )

Two things before we start:

  • First of all, always start with a clean and moisturized face. Putting makeup on dry skin will make it look even more dry and flaky. The only moisturizer I use is organic, unrefined coconut oil. Not only is it a fantastic moisturizer, it also helps your lashes grow thicker and longer (and who doesn’t want that!).
  • One of the secrets of long-lasting makeup is using a foundation primer. It helps hydrate your skin, smooths out pores, and fills in lines and wrinkles. Today I’m using ULTA Fabulous Face Foundation Primer.


My Full Coverage Makeup Routine 2

1. Because my skin is much lighter in the winter and darker in the summer, I have two different foundations. Both are from Maybelline New York: Fit Me Dewy+Smooth in Porcelain and Superstay Better Skin in Classic Ivory.

2. Since my skin color is in between these two right now I mix them on the back of my hand.

3. Did you know that, instead of matching your foundation to the back of your hand, you should match it to your jawline/neck? Sometimes you’re face and neck are different shades, so go with the foundation matching your neck.

4. Ok, I know. I’m not really supposed to be applying my foundation with my fingers, but I have yet to find a foundation brush that I like. One of my goals this year is to purchase a beauty blender and try using that instead.


My Full Coverage Makeup Routine 3

5. All finished applying my liquid foundation. For the next three steps I’m applying loose powder on the lower half of my face (cheeks, jawline, nose, and chin). I will be applying liquid concealer on my cheekbones, under my eyes, etc. in a little bit and I want it to be directly on the base layer of liquid foundation.

6. I have discovered that applying powder foundation over liquid foundation really helps give a pore-less finish which is fantastic for  full-coverage winter makeup (this routine is probably way too heavy for summer). I’m using Avon Smooth Minerals in Light Beige.

7. When applying powder foundation, TAP the powder on your face. Swiping it on will drag the powder all over your face, whereas tapping the powder on will actually set it in the pores.

8. Don’t forget to blend everything into your jawline and neck! Sometimes when I’m in a rush I’ll forget to blend into my neck and end up with a black and white makeup line… Talk about embarrassing!


My Full Coverage Makeup Routine 4

9. Concealer: Avon ExtraLasting Liquid Concealer in Fair. (Bad time for me to blink!) When choosing a concealer, pick one about 2 shades lighter than your skin tone.

10. Touch the concealer on the parts of your face you want to be accentuated (or where light would naturally land on your face). I’m highlighting under my eyes/top of my cheekbones, middle of my forehead, the lower ridge of my nose (I don’t do the upper ridge of my nose, because I have this bump thing there and don’t want to accentuate it more), cupid’s bow (right above the upper lip), and chin.

11. Blend the concealer out (I use my finger, but totally use a highlighter brush or beauty blender if you’d like).

12. For my nose, I pat the concealer on the ridge, making sure to blend it out only a little.

My Full Coverage Makeup Routine 5

13. Right after blending out my concealer, I’ll set the concealer with a powder (a.k.a baking). I’m using the powder on the right, Avon Smooth Minerals in Soft Ivory. You can see how much lighter it is than the powder I used before, which is on the left.

14. I’m using a big powder brush, loaded with light powder.

15. I layer this powder pretty liberally over all the spots where I applied concealer.

16. Then I let it sit for a few minutes while I do my eyes. When I’m finished doing my eyes, I’ll brush away any excess powder.


My Full Makeup Routine 6

17. For eyeshadow, I’m using Avon Sandy Corals Quad. I got this years ago and still love it! Works so nicely with green eyes!

18. Using the top right Pearly Peach shade, applying this all over my lid, even going a bit past the cease as well.

19. With a rounded eyeshadow brush, I’ll go in with the lower right shade, Chocolate Suede, and work the brush with windshield motions in the crease of my eyelid.

20. I’ll also add the top left shade, Vanilla, to my brow bone (under my eyebrows) and to the inner corner of my eye (I do this when I’m finished doing my eyebrows).


My Full Coverage Makeup Routine 7

21. I’m lining my eyes with a waterproof eyeliner Blackest Night from Avon. Today I’m going for a not-so-glam look, so I’m only lining the very outer section of my upper lashline.

22. All done with the liner!

23. I’m trying Maybelline The Falsies Pushup Drama mascara for the first time today! It goes on very nicely with hardly any clumps! Yay!

24. The brush seems a little plastic-y though: it doesn’t have a regular “brush” that other mascaras do. When I get to the base of my lashes, it’s almost a little painful! ouch! Still a good mascara though!



My Full Coverage Makeup Routine 8

25. Since my eyes are all done, now I’ll take a big powder brush and brush off any excess powder that was “baking” on my concealer. Plus this swipes away any fallout from doing my eyes.

26. Bronzer! I LOVE bronzer! (I can get a little carried away with it sometimes…) Avon’s Glow Light Sands is the shade I use for winter.

27. Using an angled bronzer brush from Elf, I sweep the bronzer just under my cheekbones back to my hairline. Sometimes I make freaky fish faces when doing this, making it easy to see where your cheekbones are, but I’ll spare you the sight!

28. Also apply the bronzer to the hairline (just a little; don’t go crazy here) and to your jawline. I sweep some down my neck too, helping blend things out.


My Full Coverage Makeup Routine 9

29. Blush: Avon’s Smooth Minerals in Blushing Mauve.

30.  Hmmmm, why did I put this picture in here…? Anyway, moving on…

31. Using an angled blush brush, I sweep the blush just a little bit higher than the bronzer, although not too much.

32. This is what it looks like before I blend it out. I’ll buff it all out a bit to get rid of any stark lines, but without moving the bronzer or blush into the “no-go” areas. Ideally the top of your cheekbones and just above your jaw line should be visually lighter.


My Full Coverage Makeup Routine 10

33. Highlight. I’ve been really wanting to splurge and buy The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer, but for now I’ve settled with a dupe from Maybelline, Fit Me pressed Powder in 110 Porcelain.

34. I put this dupe on my cheekbones and blend it under my eyes. It gives the skin a somewhat light glow.

35. Once I made the mistake of getting a pressed powder way too light for my skin, so I found a good use for it!

36. I find it works very well in the middle of my forehead as a highlighter. It is quite bright on my skin though, so I have to be careful not to get crazy with it…


My Full Coverage Makeup Routine 11

37. You all know about Strobing, right? Well basically its intense highlighting, with a kind of dewy look to it. Well I haven’t invested in a product for the new fad yet, but I did find something in my makeup bag that acts as a dupe of sorts. I guess I can be a makeup redneck sometimes… Its an eye shadow trio by Wet n Wild and the top white shade has this super cool luminous look to it!

38. I like to put this shade on the ridge of my nose (where I applied the concealer)…

39. and on my Cupid’s Bow…

40. and also on the top of my cheekbones in about an inch strip. When the light hits it, it looks nice and dewy!

My Full Coverage Makeup Routine 12

41. Brows! New trend is THICK eyebrows! My brows are already pretty dark, so most days I’ll leave them natural (yay for less work). But when I do my brows I like to use Avon’s Dark Brown Brow Liner and a brow brush.

42. I brush the brow up while applying the liner. Natural-looking brows are more my thing, so I try to avoid blunt lines when filling my brows in.

43. One brow done! One to go! You can tell the difference!

44. Lip liner! A few years ago I disliked lip liner so much, but now I think I’m a bit sold on it! This is NYX’s Peekaboo Neutral and its totally my favorite liner right now!


My Full Coverage Makeup Routine 13

45. The lipstick and nyx lip liner don’t match, I know… But I really like the combination! The lipstick is Avon’s Ultra Color Indulgence in the shade In Bloom. Its a lovely nude color and even better, it smells like watermelon!

AND WE’RE DONE! Whew! Kind of a long routine with a ton of steps, but I’ve found it to have an all-day-stay even in the frosty northern winters.

What are products or techniques do you use to keep your makeup budge-proof? I’d love to hear your comments!




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